This data object will display comments from the Comments Tab that is located on multiple forms in the Fusion Application.  The user will be able to join between the Source Data Object and the Comment Data Object.  At this time this Data Object will only display Comments from the Customer Record until Fusion Report Writer is updated to have more joins from other forms that store comments.



Field Details…

SQL Field Name Column Description
AddDate This is the date the comment was added in Fusion.
AddUser This is the user that added the comment in Fusion.
BriefDescription This is the Brief Description of the Comment that was entered.
Comment This is the actual comment that the user entered in Fusion.
CommentTable This is the Comment Table that the comment is associated with.  This will explain what Fusion form the comment is associated with, such as Customer, Unit, etc….
CommentTableDescription This is the Description of the Comment Table.
CommentType This is the comment type that is associated with the comment that the user entered.
CommentTypeDescription This is the description of the comment type.
LastUpdate This is the date the comment was last updated in Fusion.
UpdateUser This is the user that last updated the comment in Fusion.
Posted This is a flag that will show if the comment was a Technician Story whether or not it was posted to the Repair Order.