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October 25,2021

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This data object is used to return all Preventive Maintenance information fromt he Fusion Business System.

This information can be found in the Preventive Maintenance application within Fusion.



Field Details…

SQL Field Name Field Type
CustomerID int
AddressID int
UnitID int
RepairOrderID int
RepairOrderTaskID int
RepairTypeID int
AddDate datetime
LastUpdate datetime
CustomerBaseBranch varchar(10)
ServiceBranch varchar(10)
CustomerNumber varchar(10)
IsLeaseRentalCustomer bit
CompanyName varchar(100)
CustomerAddress varchar(100)
CustomerCity varchar(100)
CustomerRegion varchar(6)
CustomerPostalCode varchar(15)
CustomerCountry varchar(35)
CompanyShopPhone varchar(30)
OwningCustomerContact varchar(201)
UnitNumber varchar(20)
UnitYear int
Make varchar(50)
Model varchar(50)
VIN varchar(20)
Ownership varchar(1)
PMServiceDue21Days varchar(1)
StartingMeter decimal
StartingDate datetime
AverageDailyUsage int
LastMeterDate datetime
LastMeterReading decimal
UnitType varchar(20)
LastRepairOrder int
LastInvoiceNumber varchar(50)
LastInvoiceDate datetime
PMDescription varchar(50)
GraceDays int
GraceMeter decimal
PMBasis varchar(50)
PMCode varchar(20)
PMMeterInterval decimal
PMTimeInterval int
PMRepairTypeCode varchar(12)
PMRepairTypeDescription varchar(50)
PMLastCompletionMeter decimal
PMLastCompletionDate datetime
PMDateNextDue datetime
PMNextMeterDue decimal
PMServiceDueFlag varchar(1)
PMServiceDue7Days varchar(1)
PMServiceDue14Days varchar(1)
RONumber int
ROStatus varchar(20)
RODateOpened datetime
TaskNumber smallint
TaskDescription varchar(50)
TaskClockedOnTechnicians nvarchar(max)
IsScheduled bit
LastPMROBranch varchar(10)
ContractNumber int
ContractCompanyName varchar(100)
ContractCustomerShopPhone varchar(30)
BranchID int
OpenPMROBranch varchar(10)
ContractCustomerContact varchar(201)
UnitInventoryID int
UnitIndicator varchar(50)
AddUser varchar(20)
LastUpdateUser varchar(20)