This provides a look up the AP Vendors for the Company so I can submit information correctly.


  • AP Vendors in Fusion are setup Company Wide
  • The Token will be passed in on the GET to identify the Fusion Client who’s AP Vendors will be returned in the response.
  • Only Active AP Vendors will be returned.

Requires Updated Fusion Version: 3.62.00 or newer

Response Fields

Field Name Size Description
ID   Unique ID associated with the AP Vendor from the Fusion database
APVendor 10 AP Vendor
CompanyName 100 Company Name of the AP Vendor
ControlBranchID   Unique Branch ID of the Control Branch of the Control Branch of the AP Vendor.




    "ID": "01",
    "APVendor": "012367",
    "CompanyName": "Napa of Carlinville",
    "ControlBranch": "02"
    "ID": "02",
    "APVendor": "12332"
    "CompanyName": "Cintas",
    "ControlBranch": ""
    "ID": "03",
    "APVendor": "22112"
    "CompanyName": "Napa Corporate",
    "ControlBranch": ""