When submitting a Parts Purchase Order, a user needs to be able to look up the Suppliers in Fusion for the Company so as user can submit their parts purchase order correctly.

  • Suppliers in Fusion are setup Company Wide
  • The Token will be passed in on the GET to identify the Fusion Client who’s Suppliers will be returned in the response.
  • Only Active Suppliers will be returned.

NOTE: Requires Fusion version 3.61.5

Response Fields

ID   Unique ID of the Supplier from the Fusion database.
Supplier 20 Supplier Code
CompanyName 100 Company Name of the Supplier





		"ID": "01",
		"Supplier": "Napa",
		"CompanyName": "Napa of Carlinville"
		"ID": "02",
		"Supplier": "Stemco",
		"CompanyName": "Stemco Products"
		"ID": "03",
		"Supplier": "FG",
		"CompanyName": "Fleetguard"