NEW API Management Portal

October 25,2021

Karmak has a new and improved APIM Portal with easier to use authentication and real time documentation to reduce errors.

All new APIs will be published within APIM.

If you are new to Unity and Karmak APIs, please head to to learn more.


The System Status allows API Consumers to check and validate the status and version of the Fusion instance they are interating with.


Response Fields

IsOnline boolean Indicates the system is online and accessible
BridgeVersion string Version of communication system
FusionVersion string Version of Fusion system
Account string Account resolved from request
User string User resolved from request
Message string Message associated with the status request

GET Request and Response{version}/unityapi/System/Status
    "IsOnline": true,
    "BridgeVersion": "",
    "FusionVersion": "",
    "Account": "5079d18b-6cdf-4297-95cd-30785513ac93",
    "User": "867ec00f-ef78-431b-8814-647ff6137990",
    "Message": "Successfully sent message to Bridge",
    "ProcessGUID": "5358182b338c6744a946ed588c4e66e2"