NEW API Management Portal

October 25,2021

Karmak has a new and improved APIM Portal with easier to use authentication and real time documentation to reduce errors.

All new APIs will be published within APIM.

If you are new to Unity and Karmak APIs, please head to to learn more.

When submitting a Parts Parts Order, a user needs to be able to look up the Branches for the Company so I can submit my parts purchase order correctly.

  • Branches in Fusion are setup Company Wide
  • The Token will be passed in on the GET to identify the Fusion Client who’s Branches will be returned in the response.
  • Only Active Branches will be returned.

Requires Updated Fusion Version: 3.62.00 or newer

Response Fields

Field Name Size Description
ID   Unique ID associated with the Branch from the Fusion database
BranchCode 10 Branch Code
BranchName 100 Branch Name
CustomerBaseBranchID 10 Unique ID of the Fusion Branch that is identified as the Customer Base Branch of the returned Branch.

Sample GET Request


Sample Response:

		"ID": "1",
		"BranchCode": "CAR",
		"BranchName": "Karmak of Carlinville",
		"CustomerBaseBranchID": "1"
		"ID": "2",
		"BranchCode": "SPG",
		"BranchName": "Karmak of Springfield",
		"CustomerBaseBranchID": "1"
		"ID": "3",
		"BranchCode": "SPF",
		"BranchName": "Karmak of Spanish Fort",
		"CustomerBaseBranchID": "3"