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October 25,2021

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This data object is used to provides detailed information related to parts received against a purchase order.



Field Details…

Field Definition
BranchID ID of the branch associated with the receiving record
ReceiveInventoryDetailID ID assigned to the individual receiving records.
ReceiveInventoryHeaderID ID assigned to the receiving record.
PartsInventoryDetailID ID assigned to a part record for a specific branch.
ExchangeReceiveInventoryDetailID ID assigned to the Inh part record for a specific branch.
PartPurchaseOrderHeaderID ID assigned to the Purchase Order header
PartPurchaseOrderDetailID ID assigned to each part record on a Purchase Order.
ItemType Designates what type of item the specific line is, Part, Exc, Ret or Misc
SupplierID ID assigned to the Supplier of item received
Supplier Supplier of item received
Item Item received (part or misc charge)
ItemDescription Description of the item received
Quantity Quantity received
Cost Cost of the item received
OverrideCost Override cost of the item received
ExtendedCost Extended cost of the item received (cost x quantity)
CoreSupplier Supplier of the inherent core associated with the exchange part received
CorePartNumber Inherent core part number associated with the exchange part received
CorePartDescription Description of the inherent core associated with the exchange part received
CoreCost Cost of the inherent core assoicated with the exchange part received
CoreExtendedCost Extended cost of the inherent core associated with the exchange part received (core cost x quantity received)
SupplierBackOrderQuantity This number denotes the quantity that is still due from the supplier.
QuantityOrdered Quantity ordered on the original purchase order
QuantityRemaining Remaining quantity not yet received (quantity ordered - quantity received)
BinLocation Bin location for the part received
PostingReference Posting reference number assigned when the purchase order was received
PackingSlip Packing slip number associated with the purchase order received
IsManuallyReferenced Denotes if the Posting Reference has been Manually Referenced.
IsPosted Denotes if item is posted
AddDate Date the record was added to the system
AddUser User that added the record to the system
LastUpdateDate Date the record was last updated
ReceivedDate Date item was received
LastUpdateUser User that last updated the record
InterbranchShipmentNumber This number denotes the shipment record from the Interbranch order
PurchaseOrderNumber Purchase order number received against
PurchaseOrderDate Date the purchase order was finalized
Branch Branch in which the associated purchase order was created
FromBranch For Interbranch orders, this is the branch that transferred the parts.
ExcludeFromCurrencyExchange Determines if the Import Cost is used.
CoreExcludeFromCurrencyExchange Determines if the the Core Import Cost is used.
ImportCost Foreign import cost of the part received
CoreImportCost Foreign import cost of the inherent core associated with the exchange part received  
OverrideCurrencyExchangeRate Override currency exchange rate of the item received